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The best of Alaska photos
Best of Alaska

Some select photos from a variety of subjects and locations across Alaska.

The photographers favorite pictures
Photographer's favs

A few of my favorite photos picked from many years and many destinations in Alaska.

Aerial photos of Alaska
Alaska Aerials

I love flying across Alaska giant spaces and these pictures offer a birds eye view of a big place.

wildlife pictures
Wildlife Favorites

I've hand picked a few of my favorite wildlife photos taken from all regions of Alaska.

anwr pictures

The arctic national wildlife refuge, or ANWR is located in Alaska's eastern arctic.

Haul road Alaska pictures
Dalton Highway

The rugged Dalton Highway (the haul road) connects Fairbanks to the Arctic ocean.

Denali National Park photos
Denali Park

Denali Park, a popular tourist destination and home to North America's tallest mountain.

Fairbanks Alaska pictures
Fairbanks, AK

Extensive coverage of Interior Alaska's golden heart city of Fairbanks in all seasons.

glacier pictures

Glaciers can be found throughout Alaska's coastal in interior regions.

katmai national park photos
Katmai National Park

Known for its Valley of 10,000 Smokes and world famous brown bear viewing.

Alaska landscape photos
Alaska Landscapes

Alaska's landscapes: rugged, dramatic, mountains, tundra, forests, coastlines & more...

log cabin pictures
Log Cabins

Cabins from the historic trapper and gold miner days to contemporary styles.

photos of Alaska mountains

Many of North America's tallest peaks are found in Alaska's long and diverse mountain ranges.

Mt McKinley photos
Mt McKinley-Denali

Locally called Denali, North America's tallest mountain. A classic "Alaska Image".

pictures of native culture
Native Culture

Alaska is rich with native culture, art, dance and lifestyle intrinsic to the north.

Photos of the northern lights
Northern Lights

Northern lights, or aurora borealis photos reveal sky magic and mystery.

trans Alaska oil pipeline photos
Alaska Oil Pipeline

The Alaska pipeline covers an 800 mile span from the Arctic to the southcentral coast.

Photos of the Prince William Sound
Prince William Sound

Scenic waterways and abundant marine life of Alaska's famous Prince William Sound.

pictures of southeast Alaska
Southeast Alaska

Southeast is famous for its marine wildlife, native heritage, and majestic coastal scenery.

Photos of Alaska tourism
Alaska Tourism

Gold panning, rafting, sightseeing, wildlife watching, hiking, photography & more...

pictures of Alaska tundra
Alaska Tundra

Tundra and taiga covers miles of the Alaska landscape, and provides habitat for wildlife.

winter pictures

Winter photos of a picturesque season, from ice and snow to frozen landscapes.

Alaska bear photos

Grizzly bears, black bears, brown bears and polar bears from North to South.

pictures of Alaska birds
Alaska Birds

Cranes, shorebirds, songbirds and more migrate to Alaska for its long summer daylight hours.

caribou photos

Caribou are classified into distinct herds, found throughout various regions of the state.

Dall sheep pictures
Dall Sheep

The dall sheep inhabits the high and rocky mountainous country of interior and arctic Alaska.

fox pictures

Fox inhabit most of Alaska, including the red fox (and cross phase) and arctic fox.

marine wildlife pictures
Marine Wildlife

Alaska's abundant shoreline is home to a diverse range of marine animals.

moose photos

The moose is one of Alaska's iconic animals. See our photos in all seasons and habitats.

pictures of musk ox
Musk Ox

The prehistoric looking musk ox inhabit Alaska's arctic region and is prized for its fur.

panorama pictures

Panorama format photos suitable for large reproductions and wall murals.

polar bear photos
Polar Bears

The polar bear, called "nanook", a magnificent animal adapted to the arctic environment.

sea otter pictures
Sea Otters

The sea otter, nearly brought to extinction from hunting, now thrives along Alaska's coast.

industrial trucking pictures

Industrial trucking is a common way to move products across Alaska's great distances.

Alaska wildlife photos

Pictures of Alaska's wildlife: fox, muskox, dall sheep, wolves, birds, whales, bears and more...

wolf pictures

Wild wolves are keen pack animal predators that roam much of a Alaska's wilderness.

World Destination photos
World Destinations

Some select photos from my travels to other countries around the world.